High Neck T-Shirt- KHAKI

High Neck T-Shirt- KHAKI

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Life’s too short to blend in and you get the perfect opportunity to stand out in our Empire Equestrian Tee's. Combining style, quality, comfort and affordability in a range you can wear from the horses to the rest of the world.

Introducing our T-Shirt range with the most important addition, mesh inserts. Sweat free, comfort and gorgeous colours all in one range? Yes, please!

Our mesh inserts lead the way in the comfort needed for the best day of riding and playing. Totally innovative and ready to last you all day long.


Like all our items, these Tee's have been vigorously tested in all riding disciplines to ensure comfort and durability with everything you could possibly need. 

Our Tee's (like our tights) have withstood sooo much wear; from hay stacking, muddy farm life and summer swims. We take them home, throw them in wash and they come out looking like new and ready for another adventure!


Our performance material ensures you are comfortable in all your equine adventures.